HTML File Path - A Guide for Innovative Web Designers. "Why do not you get the image if you run the code even after typing the correct code? Why do not you know that the slider is moving? Looks like the code is right, but why the code is not working properly, my computer will not have problems or me! "- This problem is very common for new programmers and web designers. If you are new to the world of programming in the world, especially in the web design, then you must have seen such a problem.
Web Design
It's a very small but extremely serious mistake. This type of problem is usually due to not using HTML File Path or Location correctly.

If you started a new flick of web design, then this post is for you only! Today we will learn, What is HTML File Path and How to use this correctly?

So let's get started,

In HTML file it is almost always necessary to call different types of file calls from outside. For example, we often call our index file or any HTML file, such as Image, Stylesheet, JavaScript etc.

We use this code to call such a picture or image

<img src=”your-image.jpg” />

But the trouble is in this place. If you can not correctly insert the image source inside "src", then the image will not be loaded. It is normal. So let's see how we can call the image or any file correctly.

Normally a file path or a call is made in 2 ways in a src

  1. Absolute File Paths
  2. Relative File Paths
Absolute File Path is the direct address of a file directly to a website.
যেমন- <img src=”” alt=”Camera Icon”>
Calling in this way is the easiest and not just a picture, by uploading it to a web server in any file, you can use that file's full URL to call that file inside any HTML.

Opposite side

Relative File Path is such that without calling the absolute path of a file directly, you can call that file on your own server around the HTML file and call it from there.
The thing is, take a picture you want to keep on your own website and keep it with the HTML file. You can use the following code to call it:

<img src=”picture.jpg”>

This means that the file named that picture.jpg is with your html file and you are calling it directly.
This Relative File Path can be called different ways, see the example below.
<img src="picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" is in the same folder with the HTML file
<img src="images/picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" is the folder named images with HTML file
<img src="/images/picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" inside the images name folder inside the entire project's root folder
<img src="../picture.jpg">"picture.jpg" One step above or behind is where HTML is located

Above, we call the image named image.jpg using a 4-way relative path. These four ways are typically file files from their own servers.

Hopefully the video above the new web designers will be very helpful. Even if you do not understand anywhere, you can write your comment on bellow comment link of this article.
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Online advertisers are heading towards social media for advertising. That's the case ahead of Facebook Facebook has more than 20 million active ads in one billion users, said the Facebook organization. In the latest income statement, only $ 563 million worth of income has been reported from advertising, of which 80 percent of mobile ads.

The current popular social media facebook This e-Life social site has about one billion users. Again, around 3.5 billion users like to comment on Facebook. That is, there is no doubt that experts in Facebook advertising are one of the greatest mediums. Facebook, like many magazines, magazines, YouTube channels, TVs, radio etc., becomes the medium of advertising. It is possible to reach customers at the moment of your company / pages / website / product advertising through Facebook.
Facebook Advertising

Popularity of Facebook Advertising

Currently the technology is much improved. Many people understand the internet to understand the internet. If you access Facebook, you can easily contact friends. Maybe that's why Facebook users check in at least once a day. Many do not read magazines. Technology is going to get all the online news on Facebook at this time. So many business people are advertising ads on Facebook without having to advertise on the magazine. It can easily reach the organization or product information to different customers. So Facebook ads got wide popularity. And in our country, traditional advertisements are given in paper-magazine, which is not possible to reach people of a particular class or age. For this many people are choosing Facebook as the medium of advertising.

Some of the noteworthy issues in advertising on Facebook

In many cases, the advertisement of Facebook advertisements by advertiser companies is faulty. The main purpose of the advertisements is not to get it, but the advertiser's unnecessary cost. This is because this happens because of ignorance or the proper method of science. Small business owners, new entrepreneurs or owners of any established organization, but the following four tips will help you to make the best advertising on Facebook properly.

Conversion pixels

Advertisers should create conversion pixels during each advertising campaign. The purpose of advertising is to increase your sales or get an e-mail address, which will keep your accounting cost towards the convergence pixel acquisition. You get clear ideas about how effective the ad is and how it works.

Advertising location

In the 'Add-ons' feature on Facebook, the 'Placement' option is under the 'Breakdown' option. Using this option is possible to monitor the advertising success of desktop computers and mobile news feeds and to remove non-malicious advertisements based on this. So there is no alternative to keeping an eye on this option if you want to save on Facebook ads.


Based on the response from online buyers to different times of the day, the advertising schedule on Facebook should be controlled. For this, the Facebook Ads Manager features the 'By Time' option. It can be used to determine the duration of the advertisement on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Facebook ads will succeed if the time is right.

Age and gender

The rate of response to the needs of the men and women, the needs of the young and old, and the ad response rate are different. That is why Facebook Ad Manager will get access to the age, gender and gender identity of the 'Age and Gender' column, which is below the 'Breakdown' option. Determining the purpose and motive of advertising based on this, there is a lot of potential to achieve success.

You can see the highest profit margin from your ad using these lice-gritty but important options in the Facebook Adds Manager feature. Be sure to follow things before Facebook ads.
Bandwidth " is a well-known term in the world of this fast Internet Internet, although there are some technical explanations for this term, but this measurement is called Bandwidth. Physical access to broadband is a very important issue in getting access to internet connections, but with many types of methods, internet access can now be used. There will be no internet connectivity, high bandwidth rates will also be. As soon as a video loads into a high-bandwidth connection, the low-bandwidth connections will not be loaded as fast. If you want to express in one word, then how much bit data is transmitted in seconds, this term is called bandwidth, for example 8 Mbit / s (8Mbps), which can be transferred to 8 million bits per second.

Bandwidth measurements

Now the question is, how much bandwidth do you have? How to measure? Many would say, "It's a lot easier, if you dial a specific code, then say how many bandwidth it is, and if you use broadband, there is unlimited bandwidth." In fact, you are totally wrong - the amount of data displayed in your SIM data account is just one limit, that is how much you can spend on the bandwidth. But if it's called your bandwidth, then the bandwidth rate is being asked.
Cyber Space
There are many speed test websites for measuring bandwidth rates, which in general use your Internet connection speed test. When you start a speed test on a Speed ​​Test website, you get a result by measuring data transmitters and server data transmitters from your computer to server computers. But it is not always possible to get a good result. You can get the average result and take the idea from there. Connecting to a server on the Internet is transferring data, depending on where the physical location of that server is based on data transfer-rate sheets. As soon as you can download files from Bangladesh or Asian server, you can not download files from America or the server of Europe. According to Kona Physics rules, data can never travel faster than the speed of light. Yes, there is a speed of light (186,000 miles / second), but still there is a limitation, which means that only 186,000 miles per second has the ability to cross, so if the server is away from your location then there will be a difference in the speed of the transfer speed.

Generally, download speed is better than upload speed, but why? Because most of the internet user servers download files, but file uploads to the server are much less. So ISP reduced the upload speed. But there are Internet connection on the server, there is a lot of upload speed, and that's why you get the download speed from the server. Because when you download a file from the server, at that time the server is uploading the file to you.

You can check your average bandwidth using or fast dot low speed sites. Many ISPs provide their own bandwidth testers, you can also use them to get the idea of ​​your bandwidth speed. It's not quite possible to get the speed, Kenona has many factors, which I discussed above.

Bandwidth Vs Water Pipe

To understand the bandwidth term, you can compare it to the water tube or the tap. If the transfer rate increases, the water will start flowing more rapidly at a given time. A water pipe must be limited, you can stream the amount of water in a time.

Now suppose you are downloading a broadband connection movie , streaming video from that connection, playing a voice player, doing voip calling - in the way you are spending bandwidth, your connection will become so slow. Now let's take a example of a water tube, you have a main water tube that has the ability to transfer certain amount of water at specific times. Now if you leave the kitchen tube, the bathroom tube, the garden pipe together, the speed of the water will be reduced to all the streams. Kano source will provide the speed of all the pipes based on the water pressure. So you understand the bandwidth speed?
Water Pipe
Now there is another term, especially the amount of money you pay for mobile internet, according to you the bandwidth amount is fixed. In this case, you have to keep thinking about two things, firstly you can transfer data from that network to a specific amount (1 GB or 2 GB or you have paid for the transfer of data as much as you have), and you have bandwidth rate factor right here, just every second. How many bits of data you can transfer (10 million bits / second) The bandwidth rate is calculated as Mbit / s (Mb / s), and the file size is calculated as MB (MB). That's why they sell planes in the form of 1 Mbit / s (1Mbps) while purchasing the internet from ISP, but when you download the file, you get only ~ 125 kilobytes / second (~ 128 KB / s) speed. Kona bits and bytes are two different measurements. There are 8 bits in 1 byte, which means that your rated connection will be 8 times smaller in megabytes.

Mega Bite/Sec Vs Mega Bit/Sec

Although the bandwidth rate is normally measured by bit / second you need to know that any unit can be rated bandwidth rate such as kilobytes / second (KB / s), kilobytes / second (KB / s), Mbit / s (Mb / s), MB / s, Gigabit / sec (GB / s), gb / s (GB / s). Your Internet Service Provider can use any term, but your speed testing service can use different term, video website separate term, downloading software different term. But if you have a right idea about these terms, then do not worry about it, why are there different speeds in different places.

For example, 10 MB / s (MB / s) and 10 Mbit / s (Mb / s) but not one thing. Here, notice the Mugabit (b lower hand) and megabytes (B upper hands), with the help of it, can easily detect MEGBIT and megabytes. Since 8 bytes is 1 byte, so bytes, 8 times bigger than bit! If the operator sells 8 Mbit / s (8 Mb / s) bandwidth, this means you get 8 ÷ 8 = 1 megabytes / second (1 mb / s) speed in megabytes.

The bandwidth rate depends on more factors, such as latency , data packet loss, difference between packet receipt from one packet to another. However, from this entire article, hopefully all the skepticism about bandwidth has become clear from your mind. If there is still any question, do not forget to give me a comment below!
Between 0 and 30 years ago, when you needed to find information, you would have gone to a library of books and there was information on almost any topic. But today we are doing what we are doing-sitting in front of a computer device and connecting online to find any information, which is much more powerful than any library in the world You can access this information from almost anywhere at anytime, anytime - and this is the  World Wide Web . Today we are so much dependent on the web that we can not live without the web. However, this was just 20 years ago when the web was invented. But in a short span of time it has become very popular, and becomes a part of our daily lives. So let's start by looking at all the known information about friends, the World Wide Web.

What is the difference between web and net?

Many think that the web and the internet are the same thing. And as long as you are not clear about this matter, it will not be possible to move forward in the tune. So let's know about this issue well.

The Internet - A vast network of world wide computers. There may be a lot of work on the Internet (these are called applications) and the Web is one of those tasks. When you send an email to someone, you are using the Internet - why your message is reaching other computers through a connection. Again, when you are chatting with someone, you are still using the Internet - why your messaging is repeatedly sent and received through the network. But when you update your blog or search for something on Google, then you use the Web on the  Internet . For more details about the Internet, read my article "How the Internet Works?" Article.

The World Wide Web  is a great collection of text pages, digital photographs, music files, videos, and animations across the globe, which you can access on the Internet. The most important thing about the World Wide Web is that each of its information is related to each other. The most basic tool to create web pages is text pages (such as this page),   also known as webpage . Many webpage collections on a computer are called  websites . Each webpage (along with this page) has highlighted phrases that are called links (or hypertext links). Another link can be accessed by clicking on any link, and thus the process continues.

How do computers speak one language to each other?

The most important thing on the Internet is that every computer on the Internet can exchange information with each other. And this is the most important thing on the Internet. If back-to-back computers are seen, the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s computers had the ability to exchange information among themselves. Each machine was manufactured by different manufacturers and none was able to understand the language of another machine. In the 1970s personal computers did not have the power to run a common program. Each computer could run only those programs which were specifically written for them. Things like email and chat were then impossible.

But in the year 1980, a large computer company, IBM, earned a reputation for the development of their new personal computer. Most people cloned their computers and soon most of the personal computers started working in the same way. After that Microsoft developed a software that is named Windows. With the introduction of Windows to IBM computers, it was possible to run all the computers in the same program. But even then computers were not so easy to talk to each other. For example, large computer machines with personal computers and computers of science research could not establish relationships. So how could the computers of these different languages ​​be able to talk to each other?

This great problem is solved by an English computer scientist-named  Tim Berners-Lee . In the 1980s, he worked at a European laboratory laboratory, where people from different universities of the world used to work, and everyone used to work in a different language incompatible computers. As a result, it was not possible for every human to share the information of their important research. Because their computers were not able to exchange information with each other. And then Tim Berners-Lee discovered a surprise, which made it possible to talk to each computer.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTML?

Html Programming
However, the previous computers were very incompatible and they  used to preserve the data using the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) method. And it would have been known as "plain text". 0-255 numbers in ASCII work as a variation of various letters, numbers, and keyboard characters such as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3,%, &, and @. Tim Burners-Lee uses two basic ASCII systems that are called protocols in the computer terminology. Then all the computers in his lab started following these two rules and he realized that the computers were able to easily exchange information between them.

He named the first rule in HPTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) (HTTP). This is an important method by which two computers can exchange any information by talking to them. A computer (called a client, and the program that uses the program   is called a web browser ) is another computer (  server  or  web server) Asked) to ask for any information as a normal message. After that, the client and the server chat with each other for a few seconds, the browser asks the server for any information, and if the server finds it, it will send it to the browser. This HTTP talk in web browser and web server is a lot like "passing salt in the food table". Sometimes your salt needs to be eaten and you ask someone else who is sitting on the table to pass the salinity, and he says, "this is your saltpocket". It works the same way, it is a language that every computer knows, and by talking about it, computers share files with each other.

The computer must recognize the file to display the file that is actually available to a computer on the HTTP. So here Tim Berners-Lee showed another example of his genius. He uses a common language to share information that is known as HTML. HTML relies on ASCII systems, so any computer can understand it. HTML contains some special codes that are known as tags. Web browsers read these tags and visit bold fonts, Italic, Headlines, tables, and images. If you want, you can see the hidden HTML code of this webpage. From your web browser  click on the View page source option on the page  , you will see the diameter.
Source Code
HTTP and HTML are those systems that rely on the World Wide Web. HTTP is a common way through which computers request webpage to each other and HTML is the webpage that all computers can read and display. I hope there is no problem in understanding about this. If you have any questions then you can say it in tuet.

When the web browser relates to the server?

Web browsers (clients) and servers do not exchange information with each other, using the English language and using the Nimbara Bangla language - they use the HTTP language. See what you have said about your web browser and server when you load this page into your browser.
What the web browser asked
GET / world-wide-web-explained HTTP / 1.1
User-Agent: Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WV64; rv: 47.0) Gecko / 20100101 Firefox / 47.0
Accept: text / html, application / xhtml + xml, application / xml; q = 0.9, * / *; q = 0.8,
Accept-language: en-gb, en; q = 0.5,
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate,
Accept-Charset: ISO- 8859-1, utf-8; q = 0.7, *; q = 0.7,
Keep-Alive: 300,
Connection: keep-alive,
The server responded
HTTP / 1.1 200 OK
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2016 04:38:02 GMT
Server: nginx
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-Type text / html; charset = UTF-8

Want to know the meaning of these messages? Here the browser describes Firefox as the software name. I'm running Windows 10 operating system. Moreover, the browser stays in what files they support and support any language. Moreover, it also means that any compressed files will support it (such as gzip). And meant (/ world-wide-web-explained) This page needs browsers. In response to the browser, the server says that he uses nginx software and he is sending a compressed file (gzip). In addition, the server also means that it is sending text / html files and that is made by UTF-8.

HTTP status code

HTTP status code
At the beginning of the server reply, we can see that the HTTP / 1.1 200 has sent the OK message. "200" is the status code - which means that the server interprets the request file from the browser and it has been sent. The server can also provide more code. For example - if no webpage or file is found, the server will send the code 404 "Not Found". Again, if a webpage is moved from one link to another, 301 "Permanently moved" code will be sent. If the server is down to fix, 503 "Service Unavailable" code sends the code and the browser then understands that it needs to be tricked again.

What is URL?

Google URL
Team Burners-Lee put another brilliant way in his mind - that is to store information on any computer from any computer. He tuights that every web page should have a different name (such as a separate zip code for each address), and this is called a Universal or Uniform Resource Locator. The URL is the address of a page which, at this time you can see in the browser bar.
Let's try to know its real meaning in one second
"Https" is a separate issue, however, the "security" version of "http". "Http" means that two computers exchange data with each other using this process. is an address or my computer's domain name.
/ world-wide-web-explained the page that you are now reading from my web server.
And if you combine these things, it will help the computer to understand that the requested page is in place, how it can be used, and how the page can be displayed. And just like this, the World Wide Web works.

How to set up your own website?

Computer System
A famous American publisher "Benjamin Franklin" once said that two things are essential in life, one is death and another tax payer. But today it is necessary to add the website to that list. Today it is necessary to have a website for personal life, starting with Kenona today. Today a website can be a powerful tool (powerful from television). People now prefer to publish all their personal life news on the Internet, prefer to keep their pictures, pictures of wedding photos, pictures of a particular moment saved on the web (such as Facebook and Twitter). If you think that you are behind these, now it's time to set up your new website. But how? Let's know.
What is the website?
Anyone can access the information that you have stored whenever you want, and which is open to all public, the website is called as a website. If you are familiar with a word processing software, know that you have to save a folder or a cv file that you have made to save in a folder or directory on your computer. All the documents on the website are saved in a specific folder or directory, and anybody can access any kind of special permissions. The computer on which the website is saved to a website is called a server. The main document on the website is its text page. But there are also various graphical documents on the website (eg, photographs in JPAP format, Different artworks are saved in the jif and PNG format) are preserved. That is, basically any information on the website is written in the form of text and the graphics are beautifully decorated (such as the Teckhaw!) - and they are put together in a folder that everyone can access. Hopefully you know about the website.
What do you need to host the website?
Theoretically, you can host your website on your computer, and even access it to the whole world. And to do all this, you have to bring some specific changes to your computer system and ensure that your internet connection can accept inkking traffic - and your computer must be registered with all the servers on the internet so that the servers can understand that your website is looking for the right words Will be

But here are three main reasons, so you will never want to host your website on your own computer. First of all, you can not use the computer on your own business. Kenona is always busy with your computer to fulfill the request of everyone else. Secondly, your computer must be running 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with internet connection - which you will never want. And thirdly, if your computer is public, hackers may attack your computer and access other folders or directories, your security and privacy will be lost.

So people have to hire computers from a company to distribute their websites in a realistic way. And these computers have some large internet service providers or ISP controls. This means that in return for someone, your website can be hosted on their own computer. Generally, if you want to set up a website, then  you need to purchase one of the  hosting packages . The hosting package is a basic contract between you and ISP, where   you can use disk space  and  bandwidth for the amount of money (bandwidth is a specific amount, which indicates exactly how much information users can access from your website every month).

After buying the hosting package, ISP provides you a default directory such as "" but this directory is not easy to remember at all. So you have to choose an easy name for your website-which is   called a domain name. Domain name is a simple, easy to remember address that users can easily remember. To make the domain name work, it is to point to the default directory or IP from your ISP (eg ). So when users enter your domain name in their browser address bar - they will go to the original address or directory or to the IP, and these processes are hidden in all the cinemas and are automatically - so there is no reason to worry about you.

Some ISPs provide friendly systems for users, where hosting packages and domain names can be set up together. And by giving them an annual fee, these services can be accessed, making a general website costing at least 3,000-6,000 rupees is possible. When you buy a domain name you are made a legitimate owner of that domain name - and all your information is stored in a database, which   is called a wiz . And that's why another person can not buy the same name again.

How do you create a webpage?

Setting up domain name and web hosting works equal to five minutes. But creating a website can take a lot of time-you will need to write a lot of information here (you want to keep the information stored), you will need to create a nice page layout and look for photographs to enhance your information. Will be needed Anyway, you can easily create a web page in three ways.
To create a webpage, you can basically use Notepad or WordPad - which is the default in Windows, it is possible to create web pages as desired by coding it as desired. And in this way you will understand very well how a webpage works correctly. But creating a webpage in this method is a bit of a hassle-if you do not know the right code, you can not create the webpage. Instead of creating a webpage, you can customize web pages from ready-made pages - and this is called  template . The template is a pre-designed HTML file, which allows you to enter your information. By using it you can create an instant website. But the problem with using templates is that your site will look like thousands of sites.
WYSIWYG editor
Another way to create a webpage is to use a page editor program, which is secretly coding to create pages. And these programs are said to be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, Kenona, you can create layouts here, and all the codes will be automatically behind you. Many popular programs such as Dreamweaver work in exactly the same way. Moreover, most word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. allows you to convert a text document directly to a webpage, by clicking just a few mouse clicks.
Content Management System (CMS)
The latest way to create a webpage is to create content using Content Management System (CMS). This method helps you create websites automatically by keeping all technical issues aside. You can easily create a page template and set any style through visual changes - and it is said to be the  theme . You can easily create any pages and tunes and publish it on your site. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc. CMS works in the same way. Moreover, you can add many types of extra functions to your site - and it is said to be  plugins .

How to upload your web pages?

Once the webpage is created and the domain and the hosting are purchased, it will now be necessary to upload your web pages to the web server. Web pages are uploaded on the web server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This process is very easy, much like copying files from one folder to another folder to another folder. With the upload of your web pages, your website will be accessible publicly within a few seconds. You can edit any web page as you wish. To avoid any kind of mistake, you can backup your entire site to your computer. It will not be afraid to lose your information even if it crashes your server.

How to promote your website?

Online Marketing
You will certainly want that many people find out your website. So you need to share your site link on other websites. You have to register your site in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and dozens more search engines. Within a short time or later Google will accept search engines like yours, if your link is added to other sites. Because Google's robots are always visiting all sites to index new content.

So it was almost the topic of today. If you understand well and want to know how the website is built or how it works, the best way is to create a website yourself. You can easily create a site by hosting webpages on your computer and if you have thought of something professional then you can create a site by buying a host and domain from ISPs. If you want you can mail me, I will suggest you. You can also tuit down any questions you want.
When we say coins, we can see the image of the gold coins made of iron. But do you know that there is a kind of coin that can not be taken, but it can be bought a lot. One such coin is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency. It's like our ordinary money. Money and Bitcoin are completely different things, if there are some similarities. Bitcoin has been in the market for many years. But still many do not know much about this Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Actually?

Bitcoin is a type of electronic currency. Advance is usually called corruption. We have to print the money or the money we have to buy, to create. Bitcoin is also made. But not like normal money. Because Bitcoin is not to print. Bitcoin is created by solving huge huge amounts. Now many people are wondering why it would be worth the solution to the virtual money. I'll tell them all this tune.

How does Bitcoin Work?

All the money in the world means money, dollar has a control agency. This work is usually governed by the government. But you may be surprised to know that there are no such companies in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is totally public No one controls Bitcoin. Bitcoin itself has done its own work.

When you have Bitcoin, this bitcoin will work just like the valuable thing in your house. Because when you are the owner of Bitcoin, you have a secret code. Bitcoin has everything in that code. That is, if someone gets the code, then Bitcoin owner.

Many of these codes save online services such as Cannes However, who owns a lot of Bitcoin, they usually keep this code for themselves. You have to be careful while keeping yourself close. Because whoever receives this code, there is no way to get this bitcoin back.

But the biggest thing is that someone will not be fraud by bitcoin. Because everyone can see how much Bitcoin has Bitcoin. But even if you can see it, it is not possible to find out who is the owner of that Bitcoin. Because I have already said that, who has Bitcoin, it has only one number. So everyone can see the issue of sharing the Bitcoin, but it is not possible to understand who is the owner of that Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Money Transfer

Bitcoin's Price and Rules Policy

You will be surprised to know that at the time of writing this tune, the price of 1 Bitcoin is $ 4334.68 or 357563.02. Bitcoin prices were not so long ago. But Bitcoin's price has almost doubled in 3-4 days. Bitcoin prices, like money or dollars, change every second.

Since Bitcoin does not control anyone, Bitcoin adheres to some rules and regulations. These rules were set to make Bitcoin. When we keep our money in the bank, the bank keeps the same amount of gold deposited. But it does not happen in Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin has not been controlled by anyone, so Bitcoin's value Bitcoin itself. You may have a little problem to understand. But hopefully understand that.
Bitcoin Gold Coin

How is Bitcoin Made?

To understand how Bitcoin is made, first understand how Bitcoin is actually stored. Each Bitcoin has a blockchain. There are three parts of the blockchain. One is the secret number of Bitcoin. Another part is that the Bitcoin has been approached by someone from whom. And the last part is a private log file. Bitcoin transactions are verified by this log file.

When someone sends Bitcoin from one wallet to another's wallet, Bitcoin sends BitCaque to the network to keep everything on its own server. But if Bitcoin is transferred without security, then anyone can fraud with Bitcoin. Therefore, whenever someone distributes some bitcoin as a solution to this problem, then it is necessary to verify that the bitcoin is real. And Bitcoin Miners by verifying this.
How to Mine Bitcoins
When Bitcoin is transmitted, it is added to the block chain. I said earlier. So, to verify that this transaction is valid, then there is a need for a hash at the end of the block chain. And it is not possible to exchange Bitcoin without this hash. So whenever someone sends Bitcoin, Bitcoin miners create their hash using their powerful computer.

And there is a lot of information needed to create this hash. Like K Bitcoin sent. Bitcoin went to whom. And the previous hash of this block chain is also needed. And the entire hash is changed when a number or character changes the data that is used to create this hash. So if anyone changes this hash, then Bitcoin goes to False and he gets caught. Because every Bitcoin has its previous hash. So nobody will be able to make Bitcoin by fraud.
Bitcoin Computer Shelf

How is the New Bitcoin Made?

I have already said that Bitcoin miners have created a hash of betake exchange using their computers. And this hash needs to get a lot more processing to create. Because this hash is to be at a certain format. And the data that it takes to create this hash has a data that is given to the computer itself.

And since there is a little hash that is not understood, the laughing is not correct. So Bitcoin miner's computer has been creating thousands of hashes in a second. And see if this hash has been according to the requirements of Bitcoin's network. And what does this hash bitcoin rules mean? If that means then this hash is accepted. And as a gift, the miner is given a bit of bitcoin.

When Bitcoin was first maiden, this number was 50 Bitcoin. And after making every 2,10000 blocks, the amount of this gift will be half. Every 10 minutes, one block is created. As it is, the 210000 takes about 4 years to be created.
Bitcoin Mining Rig

Who are Bitcoin Miner?

You can be a bitcoin miner yourself. When Bitcoin was first maiden, it was done by a computer with very little power. But the more bitcoin is being mitigated, the bitcoin mining becomes more difficult.

Because the hash has become more difficult to create. So, before a laptop was mines, but now there is a lot of powerful computers. And a graphics card than the processor might say that this works well. Bitcoin is now usually mapped using a graphics card.
Genesis Mining How to Mine Bitcoin

How is Bitcoin Protected?

Bitcoin is as secure as the money in your pocket. Because it's impossible to break Bitcoin's security. But if you keep your secret number on a website and if that website is hacked, then your secret number will also go to hackers. So it's a good idea to save this number on your computer.
Bitcoin Security

Who controls Bitcoin?

Bitcoin does not control anyone. He does not control Bitcoin, which is made by seven hundred neglected. Because Bitcoin has been created this way. So nobody will be able to reduce or increase the price of Bitcoin. And Bitcoin has no physical value.

People sell Bitcoin and buy them because Bitcoin is buying the Bitcoin, and Bitcoin has faith in Bitcoin. Again, whoever sent Bitcoin to anyone, it was understood that people can not be separated, so many people use Bitcoin for security.

Thank you so much for taking the tune time. Hope you have a good idea about Bitcoin. However, if you do not understand anything, then do the tuition. I will try to explain it to you. And let's know how the tune was. Everyone will be good.
In the last episode, I gave some rules and tips from Google Adsense. In this episode, I will write about some tips that you will boycott and what you should do to increase your income by putting Google Ed. All of us who work on the Web site are more familiar with Google Adsense. All of us, if you open a site with Google Adsense code, then you will become the owner of a lot of dollars.
Google Adsense
Many people in Google Adsense have opened this account with such dreams, but in some cases, their hopes are a bit disappointing. After this, they have left everything and tried to do something new again. I will not be disappointed. Patience will give you the chance of earning from Google Adsense. Someone again add ads to the site, click and fall but get less money. Why drink less? We will talk about how to get more money on how to add an ad. Let's start.

1. Write in the context of the relevant keyword Meta tags that you create on your site. Do not just sit on unprotected high-paying keywords. It can be counter-productive. For example, if you have a site that provides support for the visitors, now if you start showing "Add to Medical Services" here then it would be better for your site? Just think about this issue.

2. When the page is "scroll down", it is better to add an ad that can not be edited. Because if you do not like the content visitors of your site, it will never scroll the page, so you will not click and get it.

3. Try to keep the visitors happy every time. Adding the Google Adsense ad to your site's colors. This is called "Blending". As a result, visitors can not see any variation in the design of your site. As a result, you will easily click on the add-on.

4. Just what will be the ad? It is also necessary to know that there is more income than any ad. You need to use Channel to know about this issue. After that you can know which channel is getting more revenue from you. Most of the 200 channels can be made in Google Adsense.

5. Occasionally add content to your content or Google Adsense ads. As a result, the text of your site will match the text of Google Adsense and the likelihood of reading your ad will increase.

6. When the page is "scroll down", it is better to add an ad that can not be edited. Because if you do not like the content visitors of your site, it will never scroll the page, so you will not click and get it.

7. Never place one-size banner on the site. Google offers banner ad code in different sizes. You can conveniently place banners on your site.

8. Place ads in Adsense's place on the page's place so that visitors can come easily with their eyes. That means put Adsense code on your website. Although it depends on the design of your site, it should be noted during the design of the page.

9. Finally, visitors to your site will have to increase. Tune into informational and good well. Then the visitor to your site will come. Visitors coming to your Google Adsense will increase the likelihood of clicking.

Come to the end of the tune and say, earning money / dollars from Google Adsense is not an easy job. You can also earn money from Google Adsense if there is a bit of intelligence and patience.